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We support moms in business!

More and more mothers are choosing to have their own businesses so they can do what they love, set their own schedules, and have more flexibility to be present for their kids.  And it pays off!  But doing it all can be a challenge – one that’s hard to overcome alone.

Working round the clock…juggling kids and clients…never having enough time…feeling GUILTY – for not spending enough quality time with your family, for not showing up how you want to in your business…depleted…overwhelmed…unproductive…cranky and tired.

Any of this sound familiar?  What if it didn’t have to be this way?

Our solution…

Imagine if you could have a lucrative, exciting business that was clearly defined and bounded to give you time and energy for the priorities in your life – eg. your kids, partner, and even…wait for it…your SELF!

We designed the Mompreneur Mojo Program specifically to support women like you. We understand the realities and challenges that moms in business face. We bring tools and guidance to help you be both the successful business owner and mother you want to be.

Psssst…. Guess What! You don’t have to do it alone anymore… 

Benefits of the program include:

  • A financially successful business that you enjoy
  • A clear, effective business plan that supports the life you want
  • Powerful, targeted marketing strategies that bring in more clients/customers and more revenue
  • Overcome fear and self doubt that keep you from success
  • Enhance productivity and increase quality time with your family
  • Accountability, structure, and resources to help you get where you want to be, fast
  • A community of likeminded women