Build a thriving business that nourishes YOU

There are countless books, guides, and coaches out there that can lead you through the nuts and bolts of building your business.  But we go deeper – for powerful results.

We maintain that you can not only increase your revenue and productivity but, more importantly, you CAN have a life you love, including time and energy for your loved ones – and yourself.  After all, why do we start our own businesses anyway?

We offer a range of individual and group coaching options to help you create a business that truly supports the life you want. Our programs include a combination of practical business building tools, structure, powerful personalized marketing strategies, time management techniques, and coaching to overcome inner obstacles to success.   

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A Holistic Approach…

Our own belief systems and inner critics are responsible for much of our suffering and inability to meet our goals.  In working with hundreds of women over the years, I’ve noticed that we females have a disproportionate amount of self doubt and a tendency to under-value ourselves dramatically.  And you can be sure these will surface when building a business or taking a leadership role!   It’s our mission to:
  • Blast self doubt out of the water so you can live your best and most meaningful life on the planet
  • Guide you in practical ways to the success and impact you want in your business, and
  • Give you tools and guidance to create a business and life that fulfills you.
Having Christina as part of my business team has been a transformative process. She has worked with me as my company has grown and is moving through the startup phase. She was also with me as I entered life as a mom and then working mother. This was a major life change and she guided me through the transition with compassion and sage advice.

The business has seen an increase in new business and retention of customers as a result of the work with Christina. She has also worked with me to create a work life balance that has helped me maximize my time in the office and with my family when I am not working.

Christina’s coaching style is a perfect fit for my personality. I am always walking on cloud nine when I complete a session with her and I do everything in my power not to miss a session. It’s the one hour of the week solely dedicated to me and it’s my favorite hour of the week! I highly recommend her to anyone who is considering a coach.

Melina M., CEO
Christina’s humanistic, energetic approach to coaching has helped me produce REAL change in my life. The confluence of her intuition, gentle nature and vivacious motivational skills produce deep life-changing results. Through working with Christina, I have clarified my life direction and created a more meaningful and abundant life and business.
Rachel M., Personal Chef


We offer a range of packages to suit your goals and budget, with a customized recipe of the following ingredients:

  • Clarify your life and business vision according to your definition of success
  • Create a strategic, actionable plan for success
  • Develop or revise your business model and create a simple business plan
  • Clarify your offerings, niche and target market
  • Develop brand, messaging, and marketing materials that reflect your unique vision and values
  • Create a compelling marketing strategy that leverages your strengths
  • Get your financial systems in place, increase revenue, and overcome internal blocks to attracting money
  • Identify and overcome inner obstacles such as lack of confidence, fear of failure/success/judgment, etc.
  • Develop a self care plan that supports you in your business and your life
  • Create a system of accountability and support
  • Be in inspired ACTION to manifest your goals and vision.

Program Format

  • Three or four coaching sessions per month
  • Unlimited email access for check-ins, feedback, problem solving and support
  • Customized assignments between sessions
  • Templates and business building resources
  • Self care tools and support
  • Hands-on support to create marketing materials, website copy, budgets, etc
  • Minimum 3 month commitment recommended

Pricing ranges from $400 to $800 per month depending on your needs (tax deductible as business expense).