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Ready to thrive?

She Thrives supports women to create thriving businesses, organizations and lives – from a place of ease and alignment. With a proven combination of inner work, and concrete, practical steps, we guide you through the process of bringing your dreams and visions to fruition.

21st Century women are forging a new path – in business, leadership, our communities, our family, and the planet. But we’re also juggling more than ever – wearing hats of CEO, mother, bread-winner, partner, etc, in an increasingly fast-paced world.  Many of us are feeling the strain of “doing it all” – and struggling to stay afloat under the demands of work and family.

It’s time to write a new story, redefine success and fulfillment on our own terms, and show up fully in our lives.

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Christina Sanders is a whip-smart Aussie with a big heart and exceptional coaching abilities. Her coaching is both practical and deep, with a unique ability to hold the concrete and the emotional in the service of getting results. I’d highly recommend her to anyone seeking to power-charge their business and create an awesome life!
Andrea Scher, CEO, Superhero Designs
I recently had my first session with Christina, and all I can say is WOW…I have been waiting for years to find this level of support, inspiration, and true holding (not just in my business, but as a woman!)…Christina is simultaneously strong and gentle in her energy, and you will feel completely held and divinely guided in your time with her. Invest in your work with her, she is worth it…
Sarah G., Business Owner